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The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) is committed to providing maximum public coastal access to the spectacular Malibu coastline where the Santa Monica Mountains meet the Pacific Ocean.  In partnership with the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, the MRCA manages a robust Coastal Access Program within the City of Malibu that includes 11 Malibu beach accessways and two coastal overlooks along various Malibu beaches, as well as Lechuza Beach.  The MRCA is also planning for the development of several other  beach accessways to be opened in the future. For more information about Malibu beach access locations please visit: https://www.coastal.ca.gov/YourCoast/#/map



Maritime Rocks Beach Access Project

Located between 20516 & 20466 Pacific Coast Highway, this beach access site is currently closed for the construction of new public beach access improvements, which will be completed by mid-summer 2021.  New public beach access improvements will include view permeable fencing, gate, stairway, and decomposed footpath along the highway shoulder. Public access and parking are not available during construction. We appreciate your patience while the site is enhanced for safer public access.

Malibu Pier Beach Access Project

Located at 23000 Pacific Coast Highway (Malibu Pier parking lot), this beach access site is currently open with improvements to two staircases under construction, which will be completed by Summer 2021.

Ramirez Canyon Coastal Vista & Trailhead

In May 2020, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) acquired 24-acres referred to as the Ramirez Canyon Coastal Vista & Trailhead. The park is currently closed to the public. The existing approx. one-mile loop trail and proposed trailhead amenities are not yet open and awaiting permit approval.



Last Updated April 8, 2021


Latigo Beach; 26500 Latigo Shore Drive

Escondido Beach at Geoffrey’s Restaurant; 27400 Pacific Coast Highway

Escondido Beach; 27420-27428 Pacific Coast Highway

Lechuza Beach at Bunnie Lane Entrance; 31736 & 31712 Broad Beach Road  

We look forward to reopening public beach access when safe to do so. 


Dolphin View Coastal Overlook (Big Rock Beach); between 19812 & 19768 Pacific Coast Highway 

Miramar Coastal Overlook (Las Tunas Beach); between 19620 & 19562 Pacific Coast Highway 

Carbon Beach East (Carbon Beach); 22126 Pacific Coast Highway

Carbon Beach West (Carbon Beach); 22500 Pacific Coast Highway

Malibu Road East Access (Amarillo Beach); 24038 Malibu Road

Lechuza Beach at West Sea Level Drive adjacent to Broad Beach Road; 31885 Sea Level Drive

Lechuza Beach at East Sea Level Drive; 31544 Broad Beach Road 

At MRCA’s open beach accessways, a mask and 6 ft social distancing is required to safely use the accessways. For convenience while at the accessway, signage provides QR scans for closed/open status of other Malibu beach accessways and COVID-19 information.

MRCA Guidance on COVID-19 and Using Beaches Responsibly


Why are MRCA beach accessways still closed?

Most MRCA beach accessways remain closed because the public and our staff cannot comply with the County Health order regarding public safety at those accessways.  Our beach accessways are too constrained physically to allow safe social distancing and/or do not offer sufficient visibility so that one may accommodate another passing by.  These accessways do not offer sufficient space to allow someone to pass while maintaining the 6 ft social distancing.  For the most current information on MRCA Malibu beach accessway closures, visithttps://mrca.ca.gov. 

Additional COVID-19 Related Resources

In March, 2020, pursuant to the state and local COVID-19 health and safety orders, MRCA closed its Malibu beach accessways, coastal overlooks and Lechuza Beach.   That closure was and remains consistent with LA County COVID-19 health and safety orders.  For more information, please visithttps://beaches.lacounty.gov for the County health order and LA County-owned Malibu beach accessway closures or visit California Coastal Zone Beach Restrictions due to COVID-19



MRCA-Managed Parks in the Coastal Zone

For more than 25 years, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) and its partners the Santa Monica Mountains ConservancyLos Angeles County California State Parks, California Coastal Commission, State Coastal Conservancy, National Park Service and non-profit and community-based organizations,  cooperatively work to provide maximum public access to beaches, coastal trails and coastal resources along the 21-mile Malibu coast and the public trail networks and parklands within the 156,000-acre Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. 

View Map of MRCA’s Coastal Zone Parks and Projects

MRCA’s Coastal Access Program complements the MRCA’s park, natural resource habitat protection, and the LA River programs. In addition to beach accessways, the MRCA’s Coastal Access Program includes coastal parks and trailheads across 27,000 acres of open space in the coastal zone that extends from Malibu’s beaches inland to King Gillette Ranch The Coastal Access Program also includes planning and development of future beach accessways, parks, and trails, such as the long-envisioned 73-mile Coastal Slope Trail, a part of the statewide California Coastal Trail. Current MRCA parks in the coastal zone includes:

Temescal Gateway Park

Tuna Canyon Park

Cameron Nature Preserve at Puerco Canyon

Corral Canyon Park – Sara Wan Trailhead

Escondido Canyon Park

King Gillette Ranch

Red Rock Canyon Park

Lechuza Beach

Malibu Road Beach Access

Seminole Overlook


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