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Lechuza Beach

Park Details

Broad Beach Road, Malibu


The State Coastal Conservancy granted the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority funds to acquire this spectacular beach property in Malibu, near El Matador State Beach. The beach includes exquisite rock formations, kelp forests and scenic views.

There are three public access points: (1) At the intersection of Bunnie Lane and Broad Beach Road; (2) Off of the intersection of West Sea Level Drive and Pacific Coast Highway at 31885 West Sea Level Drive, approximately 0.20 mile west of Bunnie Lane, a short walk through the neighborhood leads to a beach staircase at the end of West Sea Level Drive; (3) at 31544 East Sea Level Drive approximately 0.20 mile east of Bunnie Lane, a short walk through the neighborhood leads to the beach at the end of East Sea Level Drive. The public has the right to use the pedestrian gates at West Sea Level Drive and East Sea Level Drive to walk down to the beach. Public vehicular access on West or East Sea Level Drive is not available at this time.

No dogs are allowed on the beach.



Special Note

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Bunnie Lane access point to Lechuza Beach is closed until further notice. The East Sea Level Drive and West Sea Level Drive access points are currently open and provide public access to the beach. Visitors must wear face coverings and keep a six foot distance from persons not in their households at all times when using the access points.  MRCA Masking and Distancing Order