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The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority has established park rules and regulations for the parks it manages in the MRCA Park Ordinance.  Below is a listing of key park rules:

♦  Parks open: sunrise to sunset.
♦  No smoking or fires.
♦  No alcoholic beverages.
♦  No littering or dumping.
♦  No unauthorized vehicle use.
♦  No defacing or destroying property.
♦  Dogs must be kept on leash, under owner’s control, and cleaned up after.
♦  No possession of firearms, bow and arrow(s) or any air or spring powered device capable of firing a projectile,  including, but not limited to, any paintball gun, BB gun or pellet gun.
♦  No fireworks.
♦  No commercial use of parkland without permit.
♦  No commercial filming or photography without permit.
♦  No nudity or disrobing.
♦  No disruptive conduct.
♦  No powered hobby motors or rockets.
♦  No motorized or radio-controlled models.
♦  No drones.
♦  No aircraft, including helicopters, passenger aircraft, hang gliders, parasails, and passenger balloons.
♦  Permits are required for special uses of parkland.
♦  No traveling off of authorized or official trails.
♦  No altering trails or cutting of new trails.