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The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority devotes significant resources to maintaining public safety in the more than 75,000 acres of public parkland that it manages.  The MRCA Ranger Division and the MRCA Fire Division work together to provide fire prevention and protection, law enforcement, emergency medical aid, park and trail maintenance, safety patrol, and natural resource protection in a wide variety of terrain including urban parkland and the Los Angeles River.  All MRCA Rangers are sworn California Peace Officers and well as wildland firefighters.

Fire Protection

Fire prevention is a year-round activity for the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA). Extremely low moisture in the vegetation of our hillsides and mountain areas poses a dangerous and volatile fire risk. The MRCA works together with local fire departments, State and federal agencies, and the public to prevent wildfires, and—if necessary—to defend against them.

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Ranger Services

MRCA Rangers are sworn California Peace Officers and wildland firefighters. They are responsible for keeping the public safe in the 75,000 acres of MRCA-managed public parkland.

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