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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit to film in an MRCA Park?

Yes.  We are here to help.  Contact the MRCA Filming Office.

What parks/locations does MRCA issue permits for?

The MRCA Film Office issues filming and photography permits for all parkland managed by the MRCA.  This includes open space as well as developed parkland and the Mulholland Overlooks.

Can I scout locations in advance?

Absolutely.  Contact us. We will arrange for staff to show you the locations you are interested in.

How do I obtain a filming/photography permit?

  • Step 1: Review our “Filming Info” sheet; contact us to receive one
  • Step 2: Submit a COI (certificate of insurance); contact us for requirements
  • Step 3: Submit an application 
  • Step 4: Submit a plot map of desired locations, including parking
  • Step 5: Sign and return permit

What are your rates?

Each production is unique.  Please contact us to receive an info sheet and more details.



Do you offer discounts or pro-rate for students, non-profits, low-budget shoots, etc.?

Only student filmmakers and multi-day/recurring shoots are eligible for discounts

What is the deadline for submitting an application?

At least one week prior is standard, but applications are accepted within three business days of a shoot for +$336 upon approval.

After submitting all required documents, when will I receive an invoice/permit/W9/Monitor assignment?

Anywhere from one day to one week prior to the shoot.

Do you accept payment by credit card?

No, only checks and wire transfers are accepted.

Are other permits required to film in your parks?

No, except for when a special FX permit is required from the Fire Department.

Does MRCA permit filming on evenings/weekends/holidays?


Can I apply for a permit to film with a drone in your parks?

Yes, additional requirements apply.  Contact us for more information.

Is a water truck and Fire Safety Advisor (FSA) / Officer (FSO) required for my shoot?

Yes, if your generator is over 7,500 watts (a tow plant) and/or when using special effects of any kind.

Can my production use park restrooms and/or utilities?

No, productions must be self-supported.

Can my production have exclusive use of a park and/or parking lot?

Not during public hours.

Is an MRCA Monitor required for all permits?