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January 9, 2019


I. Call to order.
II. Roll Call.
III. Election of Officers.
IV. Public Testimony on all agenda items and public comment on matters not on the agenda.
V. Approval of Minutes. [Draft 12-5-18 Minutes]
VI. Reports from Staff.
VII. Consent Calendar:
  (a) Consideration of resolution accepting the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority warrant disbursements for the period of November 16, 2018 to December 13, 2018. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment]
  (b) Consideration of resolution authorizing a professional services contract with NUVIS Landscape Architecture for design services for the Confluence Park Phase 2 project, City of Los Angeles. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment 1] [Attachment 2]
  (c) Consideration of resolution confirming the acceptance of donation of approximately 30 acres (APNs 694-0-210-120, 370 and 510), pursuant to Resolution No. 96-52, in Carlisle Canyon of the Santa Monica Mountains in unincorporated Ventura County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map]
VIII. Consideration of resolution authorizing application to the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy for a grant of Proposition 68 funds for non-personal interpretation including digital media. [Staff Report] [Resolution]
IX. Consideration of resolution authorizing accepting the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) Proposition 1 grant award and entering into an agreement with CDFW to implement the Robin’s Nest Fire Recovery and Habitat Restoration Project in Soledad Canyon, unincorporated Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map 1] [Map 2] [Map 3]
X. Consideration of resolution confirming the acceptance of donation of approximately 250 acres (APNs 3244-014-051, 052; 3247-017-025, 029, 055, 058, 060, 078, 090, 092, 093, 094 and 3247-018-034), pursuant to Resolution No. 96-52, in the Marple Canyon tributary of the Santa Clara River, Unincorporated Castaic area, Los Angeles County. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Map]
XI. Consideration of resolution authorizing sale of an approximately 967-square-foot portion of 2826-025-905 to Southern California Edison in coordination with METRO related to the I-5 HOV and Truck Lane Project, Gavin Canyon, unincorporated Santa Clarita area. [Staff Report] [Resolution] [Attachment] [Map]
XII. Consideration of resolution authorizing a grant of general funds to Community Partners for the VerdeXchange Conference. [Staff Report] [Resolution]
XIII. Consideration of resolution confirming declaration of a local state of emergency and authorizing related emergency procedures in response to the Woolsey Fire, subsequent rainstorms, and related incidents. [Staff Report] [Resolution]
XIV. Closed Session.
XV. Announcement of future meetings and adjournment.