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MRCA Community Facilities District No. 1 (Open Space and Fire Prevention)

At the General Election on November 6, 2012, registered voters in the Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood Hills areas east of the Sepulveda Pass to Griffith Park passed Measure HH to provide funding to the MRCA to help protect and maintain local open space, wildlife corridors, and parklands and to increase fire prevention, ranger safety patrols, and clean water within these local areas of the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy Zone. This vote of the people residing in the boundary area established MRCA Community Facilities District No. 1 (Open Space Protection and Fire Prevention). Subsequent Measures were passed  in 2016 (Measure GG) and 2020 (Measure HH).

Map of CFD-1 Boundary Area. All funds raised by Measures HH and GG can only be spent in this boundary area.

Citizens’ Oversight Committee CFD-1