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The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy zone covers an area from the edge of the Mojave Desert to the Pacific Ocean. The zone encompasses the whole of the Santa Monica Mountains, the Simi Hills, the Verdugo Mountains and significant portions of the Santa Susana and San Gabriel Mountains. In addition, the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority also owns or manages thousands of acres in the Sierra Pelona Mountains and in the Whittier-Puente Hills. From north to south, these areas drain into the Santa Clara River, Calleguas Creek, numerous smaller coastal watersheds in the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Los Angeles River and Rio Hondo.

The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy and Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority along with the National Park Service, the USDA Forest ServiceState Parks, County, City and other local park agencies work together to provide recreational opportunities and cultural activities in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area and greater surrounding mountain regions. Use this site to explore these areas, plan your trips, and enjoy the views!

Whether you are looking for a hiking or picnic area near your home or a natural place to celebrate a special event, our interactive park search will introduce you to the many beautiful places that surround our Southern California region.